Angela Eden

My background and experience is eclectic and wide ranging, but holds a theme of development for the individual within the context of their working environment. I work as a singleton consultant or with my wide network of freelance associates who add their specific skills to a contract.


I originally trained as a Drama and English teacher, and then in community and economic development (LSE) .I then realised that working to develop an individual was only effective if the manager and organisation was supportive. This led to training as a management and organisation development consultant, (Tavistock Clinic). From there I worked in management development within a Local Government setting, and built a small freelance consultancy practice. Having worked in a number of employment sectors (education; construction; agriculture; health; social welfare and telecommunications) gives me a wide range of experience. I have worked at a first line management level to CEO issues, at board level, on committees and with management teams. I am a charity trustee for a local Hospital trust, so practice my skills as a participant, not just as an external consultant.

My most recent full time organisational experience was in a large international telecommunications company that gave me both knowledge and experience of culture change, career and executive development.